Research on Teacher Education

Research and development on the framework and content of teacher qualification examinations in response to the adjustment toward competency-oriented teacher training curriculum.

About the Project

In accordance with the “Standards for Pre-Service Teacher Education Programs” proposed by the Ministry of Education (Taiwan), the teacher education programs have also been adjusted. The curriculum and teaching both share the same goal to equip pre-service teachers with educational and professional abilities. The teacher certificate examination is to assess whether candidates who have completed the program have the basic professional competencies in education. Therefore, there is an urgent need to revise the assessment framework of the teacher certificate examination in order to assess the effectiveness of teacher candidates’ learning in teacher education programs, which is the purpose of the teacher certificate examination and the main purpose of this program. 

In addition, in accordance with the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-year Basic Education 2018, the teacher qualification examination should also adopt a competency-oriented assessment, so that new teachers can implement the concepts and skills acquired through pre-service training and use them to solve problems in the educational settings. Therefore, how to integrate the spirit of competencies into the assessment framework is also an issue to be considered in the assessment framework of this program. The effective implementation of the assessment framework relies on the whether the assessment items could accurately reflect the concepts of competencies. Therefore, in the second year of this research project, the developed assessment framework was used as a blueprint for the development of the competency-oriented test questions, which will serve as a reference for teaching in teacher training universities and for preparing students for the teacher certificate examinations.

Senior High School Student Learning Support Supplemental Curriculum Module Development and Application Promotion Project

 About the Project

In order to implement the learning support for all types of Senior High School students with disadvantaged academic achievement, this program is intended to incorporate with the ‘Alternative learning period’ and ‘Elective courses’ underpinned by the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-year Basic Education, which provide opportunities for self-development courses to plan remedial courses for Chinese, English, and Mathematics. This will help schools to promote the implementation of remedial teaching during class time, increase learning guidance opportunities to meet students’ learning needs, enhance the learning interests and hopes of students with low academic achievement, and gradually shorten the learning gap, so as to implement the fundamental beliefs of 12-year Basic Education, which advocates ‘teaching according to students’ abilities’ and developing talent in every student—nurture by nature‘.

Highlights of this project

Develop Remedial Courses Module and Assessment Tool for Supporting Senior High School Student Learning

Based on the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-year Basic Education and the “Basic Domain-Competencies for Upper Secondary School” indicators developed in the previous project, we have developed a competency-oriented framework for the Chinese, English, and Mathematics Remedial Courses, and developed the Chinese, English, and Mathematics Remedial Courses Modules that are applicable to the learning needs of all types of Senior High School students, and include pre-test and post-test assessment tools for each module to effectively diagnose students’ learning readiness and track students’ learning progress as a reference for school teachers to plan the curriculum and remedial teaching of Chinese, English, and Mathematics.

Continuing to promote high school remedial teaching support system

In addition to continuing to conduct teacher empowerment workshops to assist schools and teachers in need to establish remedial teaching communities, we will also invite teachers from successfully operating communities to assist in counseling new teacher communities and participate in the development of curriculum modules to expand the influence of teacher communities and facilitate the effective promotion and implementation of remedial teaching.

●Assisting to update Senior High School Student Learning Support Resource Platform

We continue to collaborate with National Chi Nan University and Changhua Girls’ Senior High School to provide the research and development results of various remedial programs, share case studies of remedial teaching, and update relevant regulations and promotion strategies to enrich the “Senior High School Student Learning Support Resource Platform” for teachers and administrators of all types of senior high schools to improve themselves and implement remedial teaching.

Conducted training on the application of remedial courses and publishing the results of the implementation of remedial modules

In response to the different types characteristics and demands of Senior High Schools students, we will conduct workshops to promote the application of remedial curriculum modules and invite schools of all types to participate in the development of school-based remedial curriculum, so that the concept of supporting student learning can continue to be disseminated and the 12-year Basic Education Curriculum could cater to the specific needs of all individuals. The project will further hold an exhibition to showcase the achievements of the project’s research and development team and participating schools. On the other hand, the project will take this opportunity to promote and encourage schools to properly apply the “alternative learning period” and “elective courses” to plan and implement school-based remedial curriculum to meet students’ learning needs to support students’ learning.