August 06-September 30, 2021 NTNU Plastic Reduction Center_Plastic Reduction Awareness Questionnaire Promotion Invitation Greetings!

The NTNU PLASTIC REDUCTION CENTER research team would like to thank you for your willingness to put plastic reduction and environmental protection into practice.

We would like you to help us promote this questionnaire to support us understand the concept of plastic reduction and sustainable consumption in Taiwan, and to serve as an important reference for promoting plastic reduction, supporting local ecosystem, and environmental conservation issues.

The following is the information, the attached document is the promotion and the rules of the lottery.

🌍【Fill in the questionnaire, protect our planet】🌍

Re-draw eco-friendly goodies! There are 100 copies, worth up to NT$1000!

Share with your friends and family and use your sustainable energy!

Through this questionnaire, you can help us understand.

Taiwanese people’s perceptions of plastic reduction and sustainable consumption.

🌱 The data analysis serves as an important reference for promoting plastic reduction, on-the-ground farming, and environmental conservation issues.

🌱 Your 10 minutes can help you and I live longer in our planet.

💡 How to enter the prize draw 💡

1️⃣Fill out the Plastic Reduction and Sustainable Consumption Awareness Survey

2️⃣ Leave your email to be eligible for the sweepstakes

🎉Add a code 🎉Become a “Survey Referral”!

🎁 If you refer 20 people to fill out this survey (not including yourself), you will receive a mystery gift without a lottery. For more details, please see the sample rules.

⚠️Note ⚠️

📌Prize is based on the actual item, no return or exchange service is available.

📌The winner will be notified by email, please make sure to write the correct information. If you do not reply within 5 days of notification, you will be disqualified.

📌The prize will be sent by ordinary mail. If the value of the prize exceeds $200, please pick it up in person at NTNU PLASTIC REDUCTION CENTER.

📌If the event is affect by the pandemic, the delivery date will be postponed.

✅Questionnaire website:

✅Campaign ends now until September 30, 2021(Thu)



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# Dr. Si Mobile Environmental Protection, NTNU PLASTIC REDUCTION CENTER Research Assistant

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